Expo 2015 in Full Force

Expo 2015 in Full Force

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If you’ve been in or anywhere near Milan in the last few years, you probably couldn’t help but get a whiff of the anticipation for the Expo 2015. And Milan has certainly felt quite the wave of change during this period.

Just by simply walking through the center of the city in recent months could you find Milan absolutely covered in construction, with scaffolding on a new spot almost daily.

But as they say, you gotta spend money to make money. Milan really poured on the change in anticipation of its tasty global event that will bring in an estimated 24 million visitors until it closes its doors on October 31st. And who is benefiting from this influx of culture, language and tourism?

Translators and interpreters, that’s who! In just under a month since the Expo has kicked off, the Scrambled Eggs Milano team has noticed some wild changes to the city that we call home.

While Milan’s position in Europe undoubtedly calls for a vast number of language needs on a regular basis, as we tend to get contacted out of the blue by clients for a wide variety of projects that stem beyond our typical fashion translation or cosmetics services needs. Here’s a list of a few things that are taking Milan, and us, by storm:

  1. Advertising and publicity

Everyone wants to let their presence be known at the Expo, and spreading the word is done best in multiple languages. Translations provide endless support to countries, companies or celebrities who want to speak to an international audience at Expo 2015. Just take a look at Fiat’s global billboard, where translation speaks to seemingly every country possible around the Rho railway station, as each one is unique to a different country. See for yourself:

Fashion and Cosmetics Translation

  1. Fashion translation

Ah yes, because did the event actually happen if the fashion industry didn’t take part? Our fashion translation services have been working non-stop to pump out translations left and right regarding what to wear and how to wear it in light of the global celebration. The event’s theme may be based off of food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it.

  1. Interpreting

Perhaps the biggest language need for the entire event, interpreting is in high demand in Milan. While not our specialty, the Scrambled Eggs team has been working hard offering interpreting services of any and every type, from a food producer and manufacturer running around the city trying to take in its culture to live interpreting at an event held by the Expo itself.

These are just three small examples of how we have seen Milan change in this fast-paced month of May, but that is just from the linguistic and translation sector’s side. How about the rest of the fellow Milanese out there, what have been the biggest changes you have encountered, in work or out?