After years of experience working at your typical translation agencies, understanding the ins and outs of working with clients to draw up the best possible English translation around, three mother tongue English translators all had the same thing to say:

We expected so much more.

Your typical translation agency, unfortunately, is not the flowing fountain of linguistic knowledge that you thought you were getting into. Rather, it is a sorry excuse for a collaboration between a project manager and a translator who very well may have never met each other face-to-face. Intimacy does not exist among most agencies, and this means a client’s translation is the product of nothing more than a few quick email exchanges with your product attached.



Scrambled Eggs is a team of three native English speakers who have dissected the translation industry and, instead of looking to turn a quick profit, have emphasized quality over quantity. A translation is not just a set of words that can be freely translated into a perfect product at the snap of your fingers. We absolutely need to work closely with the client to understand context, intentions, and the text’s voice in order to give the most creative and personalized translation possible. And even more notable are our prices, which we are able to offer far below industry standard by cutting out the translation middle man.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our team works together on every single project. For bigger projects we form a “conveyor belt” where each translator is assigned a specific role in the text:

  • General content translation
  • Technical term researcher
  • Revision and proofreading

Not only does our method make translations go quicker, it inspires creativity, technicality, and error-free translation.