Up and Running

Up and Running

With the new website completely revamped, it’s only fitting to get our blog going. At the Scrambled Eggs Blog, we’ll post everything language, translation, and culture & translation, with an obvious focus in Italian to English translation. Check in here regularly to see what’s happening in the translation world, and we’ll give many special treats to those interested in our specific translation specialties.

To start, we will give a little background on our company, our team, and our vision:

Our Company:

Based in Milan, Italy, Scrambled Eggs is a team of three native English speakers working together to take on the toughest English translation tasks on the market. We have all accumulated many years of experience in the translation industry, and we always agreed that the way the industry works just doesn’t cut it. It’s also come to our agreement that every company in Italy should have their shot at expressing themselves in multiple languages, and Italian to English translation is the first step in that directly. With that being said, we look to work closely with companies who are on the cusp of international success, looking to launch their model or product abroad. This even extends to a single candidate who wants to take his/her services abroad, leaving home for an international experience and or resume booster.

Our Team:

Efficient, quality Italian to English translation

Translation tends to be a lonely, individual effort. That is certainly one way to do it, and every member of Scrambled Eggs started Italian to English translation by their lonesome. But at a certain point, it wasn’t enough. Whether it be the stress of having no one to help, or the creative impediment of the classic “two heads are better than one” saying, working as an independent freelancer got old and was no longer cutting it. We have developed a way of working as a team that pumps out English translations as quick as possible without sacrificing the quality that might be lost in such a speedy process.

Each of our translators is responsible for a difference aspect of translation, that may or may not come in at different stages. We’ll give you an example:

One of our translators, member 1, is finishing up the proofreading and creative language translation check on a client’s Italian to English translation. Another client contacts us for a fashion marketing translation, so another member of the team, member 2, starts. Alongside the third member, member 3, member 2 begins the translation known as a “content translation,” going over the basics, getting a general idea, and eventually moving forward. When this translator, member 2, encounters any technical vocabulary difficulties, the other translator, member 3, is called in to do extensive research, and in the meantime the content translation goes on. If there are no more technical vocabulary searches, member 3 then begins to proofread what has already been done of the “content translation,” occasionally stopping for technical translations. If the Italian to English texts proves to be more technical than expected, then member 1, having finished by now, joins the rest of the team.

Such an “conveyor belt” production proves to pump out English translation with the utmost efficiency while providing 3x as much creative input as an individual translator while also ensuring an impeccable, error-free quality check.

Our Vision:

Academic Translations

We’re not trying to change the world. We’ll let our clients’ state of the art products do that, and our translations will do the talking. The Scrambled Eggs Language Services has a simple vision: get the translation and localization sector back on track. How could clients pay good money for non-specialized, non-native, or even machine translations? The way translation works now, you never know whose hands your product might end up in. With Scrambled Eggs, we strive for context, to truly understand our clients’ products and the tone they want to use in their writing. After developing months and even years of relationships working closely with our clients to give them the best Italian to English translation on the market, we hope that others will follow in our tracks and change the way the translation industry works.